What is Hybrid Ethnomusic?


          First we shall look at the first word. Hybrid music is music that uses two or more formats that usually are not joined together. One example might be a guitar in a symphony. In our program, we use electronic music mixed with different real instruments or songs.

          Ethnomusic, is music that comes from a culture. One example may be salsa from Cuba, or drumming from Africa. Many people study music from different cultures. The name of this field is Ethnomusicology.

         With hybrid ethnomusicology, a graduate of our program can learn to remix music from their homeland, or to simply create sounds alongside a band as a “sampler.” More and more bands are including electronic music elements, and the future is seeing a trend in this with contemporary music.

         The School of Hybrid Ethnomusicology, gives students the skills to study both music history, and audio production. The different time signatures (4/4 5/4 8/4 etc,) and how to put them into an electronic beat. Included below this introduction are a few examples of how one of our professors has mixed tango with drum and bass electronic music.

          This program is ideal for anyone wishing to start from scratch, how to write electronic music, for advanced producers wishing to learn to hybridize , or for anyone who wishes to capture the music of their fathers, mothers, grandfathers, or grandmothers, and put it into a format that can be heard around the world. Electronic music tends to expand more quickly than folklore, and using electronic music can mean those songs that mean so much to your family can be heard by others to deliver your message to a larger audience.





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